Happy New Year!

The lady and the man are not doing much for New Year’s Eve. So I sat around in my box for awhile and then I had my own party. A bit of cream and a hat makes a party every time! I had a great year. I played in the yard, I got some great gifts and I got a new window perch. The only thing that would make it better would be a to have a friend to celebrate with, but for now the lady and the man will do just fine.
Happy New Year!

This party is so lame. 

Hmmm… I really shouldn’t…
Maybe just one.
Mmmm. Mmmm. 
Mmmm… that was good.
Maybe one more. 

Dang, I lost my hat. 

Nap time. 

I am Hawthorne…

….And I am Beautiful!

April on the Leash

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry that I have been gone so long, but something great has been going on. Well, I did not think it was great at first, but I do now. You see The Lady came home one day with a leash. At first I was aghast that she expected me to wear it to go outside. I mean, really now. I let her know with a few swipes and hisses that I was not amused, but she still made me put it on.

Now I can say that I was wrong: the leash is great. I get to go outside, The Lady (or The Man sometimes) is there but not too close and I can spy on the neighbors. Fantastic! I find that if I sit on the kitchen stool and let The Lady put my collar on I get outside faster. Sometimes I even go in with out her making me and sit on the stool so she can take the collar off. I don’t do that all the time though, I don’t want her shortening my time outside!

Below are some pictures. I need to go rest now. I spent 45 minutes outside today and I am tuckered!



Catnip! Did I mention the catnip!

Chillin’ under the tree.

Man, I am beautiful!

There is grass to chew out there too!

Yes, devilishly handsome.

Spying on the dog next door. 

St. Patty’s 5,000 Meal Giveaway!

The lady has entered a limerick into the St. Patty’s 5,000 Meal Giveaway from Freekibble.com. Here is the limerick she entered:
     There once was a cat named Hawthorne
     Who had a voice like a car horn
     He’d meow for his food
     And his song wouldn’t conclude
     Until a banquet of kibble was borne
Everyone should enter and try to win meals for shelter pets! Feed the kitties!
Hey wait…what does she mean by “a voice like a car horn?” 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It does not seem different to me than yesterday, but the Lady and Man seem to think that it is. It is different than last year at this time, but I do not like to talk about those days. Now I have my toys and my lovely spots to sit and things are much better. I even got a Christmas present! It is a catnip cigar. It is so cool! The Lady says that I am her Christmas present. She can be so mushy sometimes.
I love to sleep in my box. The Lady was going to use it to ship a package, 
but I refused to get out of it. Now I sleep in it most of the day. 

I like to sit on the back of the Lady’s chair while she is sitting in it…

…though I also like to sit on the laptop when I am feeling lonely. 

When the Lady is working in the kitchen she has me sit on a stool. 
She does not seem to like it when I try to sit on the counter to 
watch what she is doing. 

Here is my gift under the tree. 

Opening it was difficult. (The Lady made me a Christmas collar too.)

I had to take a break. 

Success! Oh the Joy of Catnip!!

Wishing you a wonderful 2012!


A Trip to the Vet

Hello Everyone,
Well…I have had a very bad day. I ended up getting two shots, a microchip implanted and having to take medicine! You see I was happily sitting in my window when the Lady came in and somehow I ended up in my carrier. I wasn’t too upset about that, even when we got in the car. (Though in the back of my mind I was hoping she was planning on bringing me home again!) It turned out that we did not have far to go and soon we were at our destination, Foley Boulevard Animal Hospital, otherwise know as THE VET!!
Me happily in my window seat.
Me not so happily in my carrier.
We met with Dr. Mc Hale. He was nice to me, but he did some things to me that I did not like. I was possibly  bit grumpy at him by the time we left. He examined me, gave me those before mentioned shots and implanted a HomeAgain microchip. Then he tested my stool sample. ~Oh hey! That explains why the lady was carrying a baggie with my poo in it. I had thought that was a bit odd!~ Anyway, it turns out that I have roundworms and I have to take medicine AND I will not get to see Ellie tomorrow. Actually I don’t know who Ellie is, but I heard the lady call to cancel our play-date. It seems I need to stay away from young children. So sad, I like to play! It also seems that I am older than I thought, so I guess I am four. And…I am still underweight by a pound. I guess that means… I get to EAT MORE!!!
Dr. Mc Hale

The dreaded medicine.
 Say… how did JMK know that I was going to the vet today? (See comments on yesterday’s post.)

Birthday Recap

Hello Everyone, 
Finally the Lady has left the computer on and left the room, now I can tell you about my birthday party. First, I really like the decorations. I am not sure why there are so many pumpkins, but I like it! The card came from my friend Julie and the candle was a gift from my new Grandma. I also got the leopard spotted toy.

Pumpkin, card and candle. 

For some reason small children kept coming to the door and the Man and the Lady gave them boxes filled with juice and the Lady wore a strange hat. 
The Lady in her hat.
Once the Man came home, Julie and Joan came over and we all ate supper together. I had a lovely fish dish and I think they all had something called Hungarian Goulash.


Then after everyone was gone I did a birthday tarot reading for myself. I have a wonderful deck called the Tarot for Cats.  Hmmmm…I think it says that I am wonderful. 

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Hawthorne and today is my first birthday. Well, okay, it is not really my birthday, but I am letting my new humans believe it is my birthday. I am about one year old, so it is close enough to my real birthday.

I was born in Pontiac, MI and my first year has been hard. I had loving human parents that took me to the vet and everything. (They had me neutered and declawed, but I do not hold that against them…much.) But then one day I ended up out in the street. I was hungry. It is hard to hunt without your claws.

Jordan and friend

Happily I was found by a nice human named Jordan. She took me in and fed me and tried to find my old home, but she was not able to find them. She took me to the vet to make sure that I was okay. I only weighed seven pounds and I was skin and bones, but the vet said I was healthy. She already had a few pets, so she  started looking for a new home for me. Imagine my surprise when I ended up moving all the way to Minneapolis, MN!

Me in the carrier on the way to Minneapolis. 

I only met my new humans a week or so ago. They came to get me early one morning. I was put in a carrier and we drove over twelve hours with me riding on the lady’s lap. I really did not mind the drive except when the man hit bumps. I do not like bumpy roads.

I love the man’s chair.

When we got to my new home I was very excited and nervous. I looked at everything. That night, while they were sleeping, I sat on my new humans just to check them out. Over the next few days I settled in. The lady does not seem to like me jumping on the counter, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t. Otherwise life is very good. I even managed to slip out the door one day. Hmmm…the lady did not like that much either…

Look! I have a window seat!

For the first week here I did not have a name. They kept calling me all sorts of things: Brambles, Echo, Tycho, Longfellow, Twizzler just to name a few. I am glad then settled on Hawthorne.

But here and next to the TV are my favorite spots.

Now I am going to sit back and wait to see what fun the day brings!