Happy New Year! It does not seem different to me than yesterday, but the Lady and Man seem to think that it is. It is different than last year at this time, but I do not like to talk about those days. Now I have my toys and my lovely spots to sit and things are much better. I even got a Christmas present! It is a catnip cigar. It is so cool! The Lady says that I am her Christmas present. She can be so mushy sometimes.
I love to sleep in my box. The Lady was going to use it to ship a package, 
but I refused to get out of it. Now I sleep in it most of the day. 

I like to sit on the back of the Lady’s chair while she is sitting in it…

…though I also like to sit on the laptop when I am feeling lonely. 

When the Lady is working in the kitchen she has me sit on a stool. 
She does not seem to like it when I try to sit on the counter to 
watch what she is doing. 

Here is my gift under the tree. 

Opening it was difficult. (The Lady made me a Christmas collar too.)

I had to take a break. 

Success! Oh the Joy of Catnip!!

Wishing you a wonderful 2012!