Hello Everyone,

I am sorry that I have been gone so long, but something great has been going on. Well, I did not think it was great at first, but I do now. You see The Lady came home one day with a leash. At first I was aghast that she expected me to wear it to go outside. I mean, really now. I let her know with a few swipes and hisses that I was not amused, but she still made me put it on.

Now I can say that I was wrong: the leash is great. I get to go outside, The Lady (or The Man sometimes) is there but not too close and I can spy on the neighbors. Fantastic! I find that if I sit on the kitchen stool and let The Lady put my collar on I get outside faster. Sometimes I even go in with out her making me and sit on the stool so she can take the collar off. I don’t do that all the time though, I don’t want her shortening my time outside!

Below are some pictures. I need to go rest now. I spent 45 minutes outside today and I am tuckered!



Catnip! Did I mention the catnip!

Chillin’ under the tree.

Man, I am beautiful!

There is grass to chew out there too!

Yes, devilishly handsome.

Spying on the dog next door.