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Birthday Recap

Hello Everyone, 
Finally the Lady has left the computer on and left the room, now I can tell you about my birthday party. First, I really like the decorations. I am not sure why there are so many pumpkins, but I like it! The card came from my friend Julie and the candle was a gift from my new Grandma. I also got the leopard spotted toy.

Pumpkin, card and candle. 

For some reason small children kept coming to the door and the Man and the Lady gave them boxes filled with juice and the Lady wore a strange hat. 
The Lady in her hat.
Once the Man came home, Julie and Joan came over and we all ate supper together. I had a lovely fish dish and I think they all had something called Hungarian Goulash.


Then after everyone was gone I did a birthday tarot reading for myself. I have a wonderful deck called the Tarot for Cats.  Hmmmm…I think it says that I am wonderful. 

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Hawthorne and today is my first birthday. Well, okay, it is not really my birthday, but I am letting my new humans believe it is my birthday. I am about one year old, so it is close enough to my real birthday.

I was born in Pontiac, MI and my first year has been hard. I had loving human parents that took me to the vet and everything. (They had me neutered and declawed, but I do not hold that against them…much.) But then one day I ended up out in the street. I was hungry. It is hard to hunt without your claws.

Jordan and friend

Happily I was found by a nice human named Jordan. She took me in and fed me and tried to find my old home, but she was not able to find them. She took me to the vet to make sure that I was okay. I only weighed seven pounds and I was skin and bones, but the vet said I was healthy. She already had a few pets, so she  started looking for a new home for me. Imagine my surprise when I ended up moving all the way to Minneapolis, MN!

Me in the carrier on the way to Minneapolis. 

I only met my new humans a week or so ago. They came to get me early one morning. I was put in a carrier and we drove over twelve hours with me riding on the lady’s lap. I really did not mind the drive except when the man hit bumps. I do not like bumpy roads.

I love the man’s chair.

When we got to my new home I was very excited and nervous. I looked at everything. That night, while they were sleeping, I sat on my new humans just to check them out. Over the next few days I settled in. The lady does not seem to like me jumping on the counter, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t. Otherwise life is very good. I even managed to slip out the door one day. Hmmm…the lady did not like that much either…

Look! I have a window seat!

For the first week here I did not have a name. They kept calling me all sorts of things: Brambles, Echo, Tycho, Longfellow, Twizzler just to name a few. I am glad then settled on Hawthorne.

But here and next to the TV are my favorite spots.

Now I am going to sit back and wait to see what fun the day brings!